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"The new world of mass transit is to be part of a larger mobility ecosystem, gated by technology."       

-- Christian T. Kent

About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Our firm is led by Mr. Christian T. Kent, Principal, a nationally recognized expert in the provision of ADA paratransit service, with over 32 years of private and public-sector experience in the mass transit industry, nearly half of which has been in senior executive roles.  Mr. Kent is a charismatic change agent and turnaround specialist with a proven track record for transformational leadership in the most challenging of circumstances. 

Mr. Kent is best known for his senior executive role at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (serving as the accessibility chief over the nation's fifth largest paratransit service with an operating budget of $130 million, a capital budget of $15 million, and a fleet of 725 vehicles), where he delivered award-winning results (APTA Innovation Award), to include producing a complete operational turnaround, restoring public confidence, and achieving and maintaining record-high service reliability and customer satisfaction while generating millions in savings and improved efficiency. This was accomplished through a self-designed demand management approach now being emulated by many transit agencies in the United States and around the world. 

Mr. Kent is a relationship builder, having settled countless labor relations issues; contract disputes; and class-action litigation related to the provision of ADA paratransit service. He has earned the trust of the disability community with his frequent and direct interactions, honest portrayal of issues, and genuine respect for the individual. Mr. Kent has also recruited and trained many successful leaders in the paratransit field and now provides executive recruitment services for organizations seeking to find that perfect fit to be their next CEO.

On a national level, Mr. Kent is a thought leader in paratransit and mobility business strategy, and he serves as advisor to a number of organizations in this field. He is vice chair of APTA's Access Committee and chair of COMTO's Accessibility Committee, and he was appointed to the TRB's Paratransit Committee in 2019. He has worked with regulators, advocates, and legislators to enable more effective partnerships between public, private, and non-profit organizations (in public transit and health and human services) so that funding and other resources can be shared across communities. 

Mr. Kent's vision is to bring a strategic perspective on mobility and paratransit to stakeholder organizations of all kinds to improve the quality and lower the cost of public transit services, thereby improving quality of life for the riding public, and especially for customers with disabilities.

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Our Mission (to solve the following challenges):

CHALLENGE: Public transit has lost market share as customers demand a broader array of more convenient, on-demand options. 

SOLUTION: Our firm will support the merging of demand-responsive service providers with mobile technology to help transit agencies transition from majority provider to service integrator.

CHALLENGE: Paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation services are the fastest growing, most expensive, and for many, the most vital type of public transportation. The current growth is unsustainable and often unaffordable to customers. 

SOLUTION: Our firm will collaborate with transit and health care industry partners to leverage the shared economy. We will engage with public, private, and non-profit transportation providers to build a bigger "village" for service delivery. We will match the price and quality of the service to the customer need, defraying health care costs with fewer missed appointments.

CHALLENGE: Much of our leadership is first generation, and we must support succession planning to ensure the specialized knowledge is passed on to the next leaders of the "new" public transit.

SOLUTION: Our firm will support investment in the people of public transit, providing training for our diverse next generation of leaders. 

CHALLENGE: Public transit needs community support.

SOLUTION: Our firm will facilitate agency stakeholder vetting, particularly with the disability community.

Why Us?

Real-World Experience. As one of the few in the nation that has created and led paratransit services on a macro level, Mr. Kent can provide you with not only operational expertise, but also insights into funding and grants; regulatory issues and compliance; P3 partnerships; the public participation process and relationship building, particularly with the disability community; and policy administration for systems of all sizes.

Responsiveness. Mr. Kent is known for his responsiveness, excellent customer service, quality presentation and communication skills. He will listen carefully to your needs and objectives and ensure that they are met.

Relationships. Mr. Kent has well-established working relationships with diverse stakeholder groups, to include customers and  advocates; employees and organized labor; contractors and businesses;  board members and elected officials; regulatory agencies and  intergovernmental organizations; and the media. 

Results. Mr. Kent has been able to effect change in both public and private-sector organizations of all sizes in terms of performance, policy, process, perception, and culture. Let him help you do the same for your organization. 

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