Paratransit Operations

Proposal Review and Development

Consultation on proposal development for prospective business, to include review and development of proposal language, tone, and content; technical sufficiency and responsiveness; innovative approaches; and pricing. Assistance with client interactions through interview, award, and startup phases. Development of marketing collateral that highlights your organization's strengths.

Paratransit Solicitations (RFP, RFI)

For agencies, technical support for paratransit-related solicitations, to include development of scope of work; evaluation criteria and procurement methodology; marketing of proposals to widest audience; DBE considerations; and overall administration of the procurement process. For proposers, overall support in navigating the public procurement process;  evaluating and meeting requirements. 

Operational and Public Relations Support

On-site reviews of paratransit operations, to include evaluating personnel skill sets; regulatory and contract compliance; adherence to key performance indicators; policy efficacy (i.e., eligibility, appeals, and Title VI issues); and cost effectiveness. Support with all stakeholders, to include executives, Boards, elected officials, and regulators.

Management Training and Leadership Development

We will groom your supervisory, managerial, and executive personnel for advancement, and we will provide a bench of leaders who will be ready to step up as new business is acquired. Instruction is available in project management, financial management, business writing, and client relations, tailored to the needs of your organization. 

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