Our Mission

Maximize Transit Options for Customers

Public transit has lost market share as customers demand a broader array of more convenient, on-demand options. 

We will help transit agencies transition from transit provider to service integrator.  We will provide creative solutions to make transit relevant and useful to present and future transit customers.

Provide Sustainable, Affordable Paratransit through Integrated Mobility Services

Paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation services are the fastest growing, most expensive, and for many, the most vital type of public transportation. The current growth is unsustainable and often unaffordable to customers. 

We will collaborate with technology, transit, and health care industry partners to leverage the shared economy. We will engage with public, private, and non-profit transportation providers to build a bigger "village" for service delivery. We will match the price and quality of the service to the customer need, defraying health care costs with fewer missed appointments.

Value the Individual and Cultivate Leadership

Much of our leadership is first generation, and we must support succession planning to ensure the specialized knowledge is passed on to the next leaders of the "new" public transit.

We will train and recruit top talent for a diverse new generation of leaders.